Other Chiropractic Pain Relief

Numbness Pain Relief

Having a very strenuous lifestyle can really affect your quality of life.  When Sean started to feel upper back pain and tingling down his arms, he turned to chiropractic. Sean had been suffering for a number of weeks but within a short time after he sought treatment with Dr. Birk, he was cleared of his symptoms.  If you are experiencing any pain or numbness, please call our office at 905-264-9355 to see how Dr. Birk can help you!


Pregnancy Pain Relief

Amazing story of the power of chiropractic. High level athelete with back pain who not only got relief but also got pregnant in the process! The Nervous system is the master system, when it is not functioning at optimal levels, organs are not functioning at optimal levels. Chiropractic restores the integrity of the nervous system and thus organ function.