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We pride ourselves in providing great care and service to all our patients,

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"I've seen Dr. Birk for about a month and a half and I've definitely seen a huge improvement in my overall quality of life and how much pain I have Definitely think it was worth coming and I recommend all my friends to come to him."- Imran K

"Great Service and easy to schedule appointments. Great information and explanations provided by the Doctor,

based on your specific needs. Great experience."- Nathan S

"Level of expertise and care is outstanding. The expertise and professionalism enables me

to be relaxed with confidence."- Michael S

"I feel Dr. Birk is a caring and very knowledgeable Doctor. I have been to a few chiros and the treatments received there is no comparison to the treatment received from Dr. Birk. Dr Birk pin pointed my problems immediately. I would truly recommend coming in and have Dr. Birk assess you. He has changed my life 100%. Thank you Dr. Birk."- Anna A

"I thought chiropractic care was only about people with back problems, I was very wrong about that.

It is good for your whole body!"- Ana C

"It has been a very positive experience both physical and spiritual. At a time when I was losing hope in getting better, the team at Dr. Birk's office has made me see the light at the end of the tunnel"- Maria B

"Overall good experience so far. Very helpful, enjoy my visits."- Gaetano A

"Fantastic place! Back and neck are feeling better after about a month. Great energy!"- Thomas M

"After a few sessions with Dr. Birk, I felt so much better and an enormous amount of relief!"- Jennifer C

"Love the environment, very friendly, nice people, amazing Doctor experience."- Maria O


"Great staff, great place, quick service, awesome result. Would recommend to family and friends."- Nawazie K

"Great experience right from the moment I enter the office. Staff knows me by name,

always smiling and very welcoming."- Chris T

"Find Dr. Birk was a dream come true! Spinal Decompression saved my Life!"- Lana C

"Feeling better, improved and overall good."- Cosmo I

"Staff is amazing, feel well taken care of. I feel great after treatments and highly recommend Dr. Birk."- Scott L

"Feels great as soon as I walk in your place. You and your staff are great. I feel like I can be myself."- Orlando C

"The moment I walked into Dr. Birks office it was really life changing" - Sabena R

"Enjoy the warm welcoming environment"- Sunpreet M

"I came in feeling terrible not able to move, walk or sit. I have been coming in regularly for 3 months

and all areas are feeling much better. Thank you."- Pat A

"Suffered from sore neck and headaches. Neck has improved through chiropractic,

overall I feel better and have not had headaches."- Rony S

"I am now migraine free, thanks to Dr. Birk!" - Sarita K

"Not long into program yet, but have had a significant relief from sciatica."- Franca C

"Been feeling much better since I first started seeing Dr. Birk, thanks for everything. Staff is great,

Dr. Birk is very helpful, very informative and very friendly." - Steven D

"Very welcoming office; professional doctor; knowledgeable staff"- Angela R

"Feeling much better. Have more flexibility, better sleep etc. Much better health, sleeping,

movement, mind & health."- Pat D 

"By the end of the second or third week, the tingling and numbness in my arms was more or less gone!"- Sean N

"Very friendly staff, like the vibe when walking in. Keep it up."- Paolo C

"Flexible hours, staff very caring. Love the complimentary coffee and chocolates."- Rapinder D

"I have been dealing with neck and back issues for a number of years.

I finally feel that I will be able to recover."- Dennis D

"Solid service, great doctor who cares about your recovery."- Andrew S

"Within one week I started to feel much better, my headaches disappear, I can move, I can take my life back.

For me it was incredible!"-  Maria G

"Great service from front desk to doctor, both are very attentive to my needs/concerns. I would most definitely recommend this location to one due to my experience thus far. * The experience has been very good my pain has reduced so that is  a good improvement for me."- Donna G

"Extremely pleasant and friendly environment. There's no other place that I have been that gives you amazing result. Dr. Birk is a wonderful person, and very caring and easy to talk to. The girls are like sunshine! I'm feeling better every day I come, love it here! Beautiful energy, right down to the music they play!"- Rosanna C

"I'm impressed with overall clinic atmosphere and Dr. Birk is great with dealing with his patients. My neck is feeling much better, neck orthotic is a life saver- thank you"- Max A

"I am able to lift and take care of my grandkids. I am more mobile thanks to your care."-Eva C

"Very good treatment"- Oreste I

"Great chiropractor, very knowledgeable, and professional along with his staff"-Veronica O

"Friendly staff:  makes your visit and treatment very comfortable."- Rudi O

"So far so good. There seems to be a good direction to the treatment. Starting to see results in the form of better posture, more comfort sitting and standing etc.." - Hasan A

"I am halfway through my treatment and I feel much better with decompression therapy"- Geoffrey D

"I have been feeling a lot better and relaxed especially in  my neck!!"- Mario G

"Since beginning treatment I feel a lot better."- Alessandra F

"After a few treatments I felt better. Thank you for your help Dr. Birk!"- Nhan T

"I've had a very positive experience so far very significant change."- Derya D