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Lasting Relief for Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Posted: January 21, 2016
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

On average almost 200,000 people in Canada are injured in car accidents yearly, according to Transport Canada. Of these, the vast majority were slight injuries that can be relatively easily treated – but the cause of the problem is not always addressed, and so it can come back...

Lower back sprains and strains, herniated discs and fractured vertebrae may result from car accidents. Other common injuries are neck strain and whiplash, where the neck is forced back-and-forth very rapidly, resulting in damage to the upper spine. If you have suffered from whiplash you will know the neck pain and back pain it causes. It can be highly debilitating, resulting in headaches, stiffness, arm pain, pain between the shoulder blades, and/or lower back pain. Most people treated by conventional medicine are just told to take a course of painkillers and wait for it to go away; but that doesn’t address the potential damage to the body caused in the car accident and the pain killers can help you to feel better while the problem is allowed to “set in”. What any car accident victim needs is careful examination, diagnosis and then treatment.

The Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Woodbridge is the practice of car injury treatment expert Dr. Ruminder Birk. Dr. Birk and his team of fully trained spinal care professional have helped hundreds of patients recover from car accidents and relieve their back and neck problems.

Dr. Birk says “Many people feel lucky to have escaped a car accident with only ‘minor’ injuries. They take a course of medicine and gradually their pain diminishes. But unless the cause of the problem is fixed pain can come later as the injury sets in more deeply. They do not realise that their car accident may have caused damage to their spine that needs treatment. Fortunately, we now have effective methods to treat it non-invasively and without medication. Using a combination of technology, we precisely diagnose the problem and develop a unique programme which may correct it.”

     Anna P. from Woodbridge says:

     “I was involved in a car accident last summer, it was low speed, there was minimal damage to my car and I only felt very mild soreness in my neck, so I did nothing about it. After a couple of months, I started to notice that my neck was getting stiffer and stiffer. Then that turned to soreness and eventually it progressed to pain. I hadn’t done anything to cause a problem in my neck except having that accident two months earlier where I thought nothing had gone wrong.  I got pain killers from my MD but they really didn’t help and I knew it wouldn’t really fix it anyway. Luckily I came across an article about Chiropractic care in the paper. Chiropractic helped me a lot and made me feel great again! I am forever grateful.”

     The vast majority of patients enjoy lasting relief from their symptoms.  Chiropractic care is a non-invasive drug-free, 100% natural treatment that can reduce the need for pain medication, and can eliminate the cause of your problems.  For car accident victims it is an opportunity to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms - and in the process start living a pain-free life again and maintain a healthy spine in the future. Don’t suffer any longer, Chiropractic Works! Give us a call today 905-264-9355.



Sciatica Relief

Posted: January 7, 2016
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

At a basic level, the sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body and is composed of individual nerve roots that branch out from the spine in the lower back then through each leg, to combine and form the "sciatic nerve." The possibility of experiencing sciatic pain increase in middle age and declines after the age of 50, very rarely does it occur to people under 20 years of age. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, through the buttocks, and down the back of each leg. Sciatic pain will occur when the sciatic nerve is irritated or pinched and will typically affect just one leg and very rarely felt in both legs.

Pain will originate in the lower back or buttocks and continue along the nerve which is down the back of the thigh and into the calf and foot. Sciatic pain can vary depending on severity and location as well as the underlying condition causing the pain. Conditions such as a lumbar herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and diabetes, just to name a few can cause sciatic pain. Although sciatic pain can be painful and at time debiliting, it is not common for permanent nerve damage to take place, often people get better within a few weeks or months. Many people successfully find pain relief with non-surgical, drug free treatments such as Chiropractic Care. The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to optimize the body's ability to heal itself.

A chiropractor's first step is to understand what has caused the patient's sciatica, since there can be many causes. To diagnosis sciatica, the doctor must do thorough review of the patient's medical history, including a physical as well as a neurological examination. Testing can also include an x-ray, MRI, CT scan etc. These examinations help to detect the root of the problem. Scientific evidence shows that restricted spinal movement can lead to pain as well as reduced function and performance. Chiropractic care is truly non-surgical and drug-free, which many patients prefer.

In 2010 a study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that sixty percent of people with sciatic pain who tried alternative methods prior to spinal manipulation, experienced the same type of pain relief as patients who eventually tried surgery to correct the issue. Test subjects saw a chiropractor 3 times a week for 4 weeks and then once a week until pain subsided, subjects in this study reported pain relief which lasted up to a year after the last visit.  "Spinal manipulation may create a response in the nervous system that relieves pain and restores normal mobility to the injured area," says study researcher Gordon McMorland, DC, of National Spine Care in Calgary, Alberta. "It also reduces inflammation, creating an environment that promotes the body's natural healing mechanisms."

The type of Chiropractic care provided will be dependant on the cause of the patients sciatica. A treatment plan can include multiple types of treatment such as, Spinal adjustments, Cold Laser therapies, Accupuncture, and Vibration. At the core of Chiropractic care, Spinal adjustments frees restricted movement of the spine and helps to re-align vertebres to their proper position in the spine. Ongoing spinal adjustments will help to reduce nerve irritability which causes inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, and other sciatica symptoms.

In addition to regular Chiropractic visits, below are some additional tips which may provide relief to sciatic pain and lower back pain:

    -Try not to sleep on your stomach.
    -Sleep on a firm mattress on your side or back with knees bent.
    -Sleep with a pillow under or between your knees.
    -Apply heat or cold to the affected area.
    -Sit in chairs that have firm back support with proper posture and keep feet flat on the ground
    -Try not to sit for extended periods of time, take a stretch every now and then


Back to Basics- What is Chiropractic?

Posted: December 13, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Many people wonder what Chiropractic care is, especially as they consider alternatives to the medical practices of drugs and surgery. Yet, depending upon whom they ask, they will get many different answers.

Chiropractic in a nutshell is:

  1. Your body is a self-regulating, self-maintaining and self-restoring organism.
  2. Your brain and spinal cord, “the central nervous system,” controls, communicates to and coordinates every organ, tissue and cell of your body.
  3. Anything that interferes with this communication such as vertebral subluxation causes dysfunction leading to disease and then symptoms.
  4. Anything that removes this interference, such as a chiropractic adjustment, restores proper communication and allows the body to function efficiently and heal itself.

Therefore, a chiropractor is a doctor that can locate the vertebral subluxations and remove them through the use of specific adjustment techniques.

In the past if you asked a medical doctor about chiropractic, the response may not have been quite positive. Today, however, many medical doctors not only refer their patients for chiropractic, they also choose this safe and natural care for themselves and their families as well.

Chiropractic education and research has come a long way. We spend as much time as a medical doctor getting our degree. We also are well versed in the sciences including anatomy, physiology, nutrition and other studies that are relevant to the advancement of a proactive wellness model of healthcare.

Studies have shown that in many cases chiropractic is beneficial and typically more effective than drugs or surgery. Studies have also shown that chiropractic is one of the safest healthcare treatments available.

If you ask a chiropractor how to define it, we might get pretty technical and say something like, “The discipline of detecting and reducing vertebral subluxation” or “A science, art and philosophy which utilizes the inherent recuperative abilities of the body and deals with the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system and the role of this relationship in the restoration and maintenance of health.”

Yes, these are true statements, but what do they mean to the average patient? What does this mean to you? In simplest terms, chiropractic is helping your brain and spine talk to one another without any interruptions.

Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy. A diagnosis is made through testing and observation and then treatment is performed based on experience and training.

This is the same process that a medical doctor uses. The difference is that a medical doctor treats with drugs and surgery in order to deal with the symptoms of pain and illness. Chiropractic, on the other hand, works on the root cause by making adjustments to correct the subluxations.

The chiropractic philosophy is the understanding that the body wants to function correctly and be as healthy as possible and that our bodies know how to do this and will do this as long as there is no interference. Here at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness in Woodbridge Ontario, our goal is to remove that pressure and experience optimal health. Chiropractic Works!


The History of Chiropractic

Posted: November 25, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

“Life is the expression of tone. In that sentence is the basic principle of chiropractic”- D.D. Palmer

Chiropractic as a profession started in 1895 by a man named Daniel David Palmer, out of Iowa, USA. Dr. Palmer was initially a magnetic healer and discovered Chiropractic after meeting a janitor that worked in the building.  The janitor named Harvey Lilard, explained that he lost his hearing after hearing a pop in his upper back one day. He was bent over working for an extended amount of time and when he straightened up, he lost his hearing.

After examining Harvey’s back, Dr. Palmer noticed that there was a bump on his spine which appeared to be an out of place vertebrae. It was also discovered that the bump in Harvey’s back appeared shortly after he had lost his hearing. Dr. Palmer had a strong suspicion that the two incidences were related and convinced Harvey to allow him to try to push the bone back in place.

Once Dr. Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment to Harvey that day, and lone behold he was able to hear again. From then on, Dr. Palmer no longer practiced magnetic healing, however began to help manipulate bones in the spine that were out of alignment. By 1897, Dr. Palmer opened up the first chiropractic school, which to this day is still the most well recognized chiropractic school in the world.  

Dr. Palmer once said, "I am not the first person to replace subluxated vertebrae, but I do claim to be the first person to replace displaced vertebrae by using the spinous and transverse processes as levers...and to develop the philosophy and science of chiropractic adjustments." He was certainly not the first one to understand the relationship between good health and the spine.

Around 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the man known for the oath that medical doctors take, advised, "Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases." Hippocrates is considered to be an outstanding figure in the history of medicine. Herodotus, who lived during the same period of time as Hippocrates, became famous for curing diseases by correcting spinal abnormalities through therapeutic exercises.

Although not the first to connect health and the spine, the treatment of the spine was not well understood until Dr. Palmer. He began to understand that fixing the spinal misalignments and subluxations, got rid of nerve interference. Once the interference was gone, the patients’ complaints about various issues was gone as well.

Dr. Palmer was not alone in his passion for chiropractic care. His son, Bartlett Joshua (BJ), took after his father’s work and helped to define it as a health care system. He also was influential in getting chiropractic recognized as a licensed profession.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of licensed Chiropractic Doctor around the world. Millions of people each year seek chiropractic care and benefit from the treatments. In fact, chiropractic is one of the largest non-medical forms of health care today. 

Even though chiropractic has advanced tremendously in the last century, the philosophy is still the same. The body can heal itself without drugs and surgery if the subluxations are removed.

Did you know that your volatile emotions can drive your Low Back Pain?

Posted: July 13, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Health Update: Low Back Pain


Have you noticed that when you feel emotionally charged such as angry, you also feel back pain at the same time? Physicians used to think that back pain originates in the brain, not in the spine. This myth has been corrected since then. Back pain has its origins in the spine as well. Mechanical injuries to the spine can alter bodily functions and can be transmitted into pain that you experience. Thus, addressing back pain requires spinal examination as you cannot separate spine from the back pain and hope to resolve the problem.

Duke University researchers studied the amount of back pain experienced by 61 emotionally charged chronic low back pain patients. The results were surprising! Emotionally charged patients experienced higher pain levels because they were internally at conflict with themselves when it comes to expressing negative emotions.

Have you ever noticed that when you are emotionally charged you also experience higher levels of low back pain? Does that pain persist when you hold on to negative emotions? Have you noticed that ignoring your feelings does not make the back pain go away? Taking medications to cover up either your feelings or the ones that mask your low back pain are unhealthy in the long term as prolonged use of pain medications brings along a host of side effects with it.

When you feel emotionally charged, do you convey the message calmly or do you ‘blow up’ at someone? Have you tried understanding the cause behind those emotions? Talking to a friend or a counsellor can shed light on the cause for those feelings and how to constructively convey those emotions. There is also the option to consult a psychologist when these internal emotional battles cannot be resolved through self-awareness or with the help of a friend or counsellor. Does your low back also feel worse when you are emotionally charged? At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Birk is a specialist in low back pain and can help you manage both the mechanical aspect of the low back pain as well as guide you in the right direction by integrating a mind-body approach to health. Hope you can appreciate the complexities of the low back pain and its connection with your emotionally charged brain. According to Dr. Birk, a mind-body approach is more wholesome, active and focuses on developing a healthy attitude towards life.

Chronic pain can be debilitating and take you away from your loved ones. If you have back pain and have often caught yourself being in an emotionally charged state or just experiencing back pain, it is time to break this cycle of pain and helplessness. Dr. Birk is a nutritional specialist as well as a chiropractor who had treated thousands of patients with chronic low back pain. Chiropractic adjustments along with developing a positive attitude towards life will help manage the back pain more effectively. Confronting emotions in a healthy way helps alleviate the need for prolonged medication use.

Are you experiencing low back pain? Do you always feel emotionally charged and helpless because of the pain? Look no further.

At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Birk takes a mind-body approach to health in resolving chronic low back pain issues.

Call 905-264-9355 to book your free consultation today! And take choose a pain free beginning!






Holistic Approach to Back Pain

Posted: May 19, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk


Dr Birk, Chiropractor Woodbridge CA Holistic Approach to Back Pain

Spinal injury can be very life changing and a holistic approach can help you get your life back. Holistic approach means treating the whole individual: both the mind and body as oppose to just the spinal parts that have sustained the injuries. Holistic approach would comprise of both nutritional intake and exercise to assist different bodily systems. Spinal injury can lead to constant pain and this can make the individual susceptible to depression and other mental health problems and such risk factors can further prevent recovery from the spinal injury. A holistic approach can help reduce such risks. Thus, at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness we believe in taking a holistic approach to treat back pain .

When determining the treatment for back pain associated with spinal injury, the doctor needs to look at the overall alignment of the spine both at the postural level as well as at the individual disks and ligaments level. Furthermore, the doctor needs to assess the build of scar tissue and if it is affecting muscle tissue to understand the severity of the injury. With spinal injury, most patients experience chronic pain and start taking pain killers. The pain killers do help alleviate the pain symptoms temporarily, but make things worse in the long run as the actual problem is left unattended. With the constant use of pain killers such as NSAIDs (ibuprofen), you can develop secondary problems such as stomach or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Pain is a natural way of your body to direct you to the problem area and by taking pain killers you are suppressing the symptoms, making the actual injury worse over time. During rehabilitation, if you experience muscle pain it is a good thing. However, if you pushing too hard and experiencing joint or ligament pain, you need to stop as you might be injuring yourself further. Again, this pain is your body's way of saying something is not right and needs to be attended to.

While stretching and exercising is good for you,  be mindful of not injuring any joints or ligaments as this can de-motivate you from maintaining that exercise routine. Chiropractic care can increase flexibility in the joints allowing fluid spinal movements. Specific stretching and exercise routine developed by your chiropractor can increase your spinal movement, thereby, preventing further injuries.

Being overweight is a risk factor in itself as it adds tremendous stress to your spine. Holistic approach also involves maintaining healthy body weight. The exercise routine to reduce the weight as oppose to maintain the weight can be very different. For some people, it might be important to lose weight first prior to starting weight training so that you do not add more stress to the already stressed spine. At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Ruminder Birk is a nutritional specialist as well and  can help you with the right program.

In addition to exercise, it is important what you are feeding your body and whether you are consuming all the vitamin and minerals as required. Eating fresh fruits and enough servings of green leafy vegetables is important to get the nutrients in a natural way and supplement intake can help as well. Dietary supplements are good in several instances; glucosamine chondroitin and  manganese can help with joint pain. Highly processed foods contain harmful fats and chemicals and should be avoided.

Dr. Birk is a chiropractor and nutritional specialist who can guide you in using the right combination of exercise, nutritional and chiropractic care program to increase spinal movements and flexibility and thus, reduce back pain.


If you had a spinal injury and are constantly in back pain, at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Birk can help you get your life back with a holistic approach. Call 905-264-9355 to schedule your appointment today!


Posted: April 16, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Candace Pert has distilled what she has learned in her personal quest for health and well-being, coupled wi1h her scientific knowledge, into the following guidelines:


Become conscious

Full consciousness involves being aware of all our experiences, not just mental, but emotional and physical


Access the psychosomatic network

"The more conscious we are, the more we can 'listen in on the conversation going on at autonomic or subconscious levels of the bodymind," says Pert. "Only then can we enter into that conversation, to enhance the effectiveness of the autonomic system, where health and disease are determined minute by minute." Through visualization and other techniques, that conversation can be redirected resulting in changes that can improve your health.


Tap into your dreams

Get into a daily habit of recalling, and transcribing your dreams, because they are direct messages from your bodymind giving you valuable information about what's going- on physiologically as well as emotionally. It’s a way to eavesdrop on the conversation going on between psyche and soma. If necessary, use that information to intervene and make proper changes in your behavior and physiology.


Get in touch with your body

Getting a massage or a chiropractic adjustment or taking a walk or giving a hug are ways of acknowledging the skin, the spinal cord, and the muscles- all of which are entry points into the psychosomatic network


Reduce stress

Meditation, in all its forms, is the most effective method of reducing stress because it allows us, even without conscious awareness to release emotions that subvert a healthy mind- body flow of biochemicals. Another stress buster is play,-a cheap, easy, and effective way, to instantly reduce stress and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.



The value of exercise has less to do with building muscles or burning calories than getting your heart to pump faster and more efficiently and thereby increase blood flow to nourish and cleanse your brain and all your organs. Of course exercising hard enough to break a sweat can also results in mood improvement because endorphins are released. Yoga and other exercise programs that incorporate conscious breathing, relaxation, and body awareness are particularly health-enhancing.


Eat Wisely

Eating, because of its survival value, is a highly emotional event. So listen to the wisdom of your body, advises Pert. Eating when we're not really hungry and using food to bury unpleasant emotions results in nervous eating and depression eating.

However, tuning into your emotions as information about your digestive process can help develop your ability to know what your body needs in the way of nourishment and when. Finally, avoid processed sugar completely. "I consider sugar to be a drug." says Pert. "Relying on an artificial form of glucose sugar to give us a quick pick-me-up is analogous to, if not as dangerous as, shooting heroin."



Avoid substance abuse

All drugs-alcohol, tobaccos marijuana, cocaine, and others- can alter the natural flow of your body’s own feel-good, mood-regulating peptides.  Biochemically, drugs are harmful.  They can all be abused, which can contribute to suboptimal health in one form or another, including chronic depression.


If you are ready to get your life back and be the best you,  Dr. Birk offers a free consultation to dicuss your needs. Call 905-264-9355  and take charge of your health today!

Whiplash injuries and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome there is a connection

Posted: February 26, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Are you on computer a lot? Or working with hands and fine motor movements constantly?  Then you know that one day you are fine and the next day you wake up with tingling in the fingers. We stretch our forearm, hands and go back to doing our activity. Unfortunately the tingling becomes worse over time and interferes with our ability to type or do any activity that requires constant wrist or finger movements. The tingling feeling is a result of the Carpal tunnel (CT) syndrome.

Like many medical conditions CT syndrome typically manifests slowly. Being fine one day and then suddenly experiencing disabling pain can be very distressing psychologically; often CT syndrome patients show signs of depression.

What are some of the causes that lead up to the CT syndrome condition? When the chiropractor is taking patient history to investigate previous trauma to the wrist bones, patients often fail to mention the accidental injuries that happened months or years ago. In case of an accident, where we tend to land on one wrist-this hand- bears the weight of the accident. This trauma to the hand presents as CT syndrome days or minutes after the initial injury. Thus, CT syndrome is different. One day we can carry on basic tasks such as typing and the next day we cannot complete our work at the keyboard.

The nerves that control your wrist and finger movements originate in the neck. From here they go across, first the shoulder, and then down the arm before entering a tunnel in your wrist. This tunnel is called the carpal tunnel. It is formed by the bones in the wrist. Thus, the nerve can get injured at any place along this entire path from neck to wrist. For instance, when you are playing sports or are involved in a car accident, your neck is susceptible to whiplash injuries when the head is whipped around. This jerking motion of the head causes trauma and injury to the neck. Delicate ligaments and discs of the neck can be injured and pinch in the nerves that originate in the neck.

When we sit at a computer most of us type with our neck in the forward bent position without us realizing it. This forward bent position stretches the nerves. If you happen to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time, the forward bent position can eventually stretch out the nerves resulting in pain, tingling and numbness. If you had prior whiplash injuries or sports neck injuries, sitting in the forward bent position can alone be enough to bring on the CT syndrome symptoms. Hence, because of this interdependency and how the nerve travels from your neck to the fingers, at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, when the patients present with CT syndrome Dr. Birk examines more than just the wrist areas.  

There are nerves exiting your spinal cord at different points. When the nerves that control leg movement and muscles are injured, the symptoms present as leg pain or sciatica even though the cause resides in the lower spine. Likewise, CT symptoms can originate at the cervical spine. If you have tried wrist treatments with no success it is time to take a different approach. At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Birk is a specialist in CT syndrome. Dr. Birk will do a thorough examination of the spine on your first visit-especially your neck- to understand the cause behind the symptoms. Dr. Birk will also ask you about your previous history and if you had any traumas to the spine as injuries experienced earlier in life can show symptoms even decades later. Hence, a through history is vital for a proper treatment plan for CT syndrome.

At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness Dr. Birk provide a FREE consultation at no charge. If you have been experiencing Carpel Tunnel Syndromes for a while with no success, it time to take charge!

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Alternative therapies for Fibromyalgia Chiropractic therapy versus drugs

Posted: February 11, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Did you know that headaches can originate in the neck or lower back?

Posted: January 26, 2015
By: Dr. Ruminder Birk