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Good Posture: Health Within Your Grasp

Posted: August 9, 2018
By: Dr. Ruminder Birk

Every time I hear anyone talk about posture, I can just picture my mother with her finger pointed and shaking exclaiming “If you don’t straighten up, your back will stay like that forever.” As much as we never love to admit our mothers were right… she most certainly was. As we walk, sit, drive or do just about anything in our daily lives we are simultaneously programming our spine. The more we slouch the more comfortable our bodies become with it, actually changing the shape of our vulnerable spinal curves. The more comfortable this becomes, the more often we do it and thus the more uncomfortable it becomes to reverse it; Making it a vicious circle of curving our spine into unwanted directions. Stress on your spinal cord puts stress on your brain stem inducing fatigue, headaches, and a significant loss in energy.

This process puts undue stress on not only the spine, but the bones and muscles used to support it and constricts our internal organs. In time this will increase trouble with breathing as well as inhibits our ability to digest which then creates a plethora of internal catastrophes that we will get to in other posts. There is only so much space in one post after all! So… it’s clear that bad posture is detrimental to one’s overall health. Then what does good posture do? What does it look like? Well follow on my friends and let me tell you!


If bad posture produces a decline in energy, unnecessary stress on the body, the internal organs, and a general unkempt physical look it would only make sense that correct posture would do the opposite right? YES! That and so much more! Good posture will do all of these, strengthen your core, decrease migraines and headaches, increase your oxygen intake, reduce muscle spasms, promote weight loss and help with reducing neck and back pain! Not to mention it makes you look slimmer overall as well! There are many ways positive posture increases your health, and all it takes is a little mindfulness throughout your day in order to achieve it!


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