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Drugs can have dramatic side effects.. Is the risk really worth it?

Posted: March 12, 2018
By: Dr. Ruminder Birk

When you take a drug, any sort of drug, you must know that you are taking a risk with your health. Sometimes the risk you take is huge and sometimes only very slight, but it is a risk nonetheless. The same is true for surgery. I have always aggressively opposed spinal surgery and the taking of drugs for tackling physical pain. I often attract anger from the medical system, but I know I will help a lot of people too. I cannot sit by idly when evidence is collecting (and has been collecting for many decades now) that surgery and drugs, although very useful in emergency situations, do absolutely nothing whatsoever to restore health.

I am an enthusiastic researcher and recently came across a newspaper article from October 7th 1906, the paper I refer to is "Collier's - the national weekly". In it they wrote an article entitled The Great American Fraud. Here is an excerpt:

"Gullible America will spend this year some seventy-five millions of dollars in the purchase of patent medicines. It will swallow huge quantities of alcohol, an appalling amount of opiates and narcotics, a wide assortment of varied drugs, ranging from powerful and dangerous heart depressants to insidious liver stimulants; and, far in excess of all other ingredients, undiluted fraud."

109 years later how much has changed? World leading advertiser and advertising copywriter Dan Kennedy says:

"Remember, always, that virtually all research supporting prescription drugs, surgical procedures, medical technology, and anti-alternative health information is bought and paid for by the prescription drug companies and equipment manufacturers, even though the money may be laundered through impressive sounding foundations, celebrated academic institutions and prestigious hospitals. Whatever you read that is anti-nutrition, anti-nutritional supplements, anti-alternative health in newspapers and in magazines - including the magazines put out by the major non-profit associations that exist for each disease, or see on TV newscasts, has been produced and provided with money from companies for whom those alternatives are threats."

So when I found out about a study that shows that a commonly available prescription drug is associated with a 91% increased relative risk of cardiovascular death I feel like I have to tell you about it. That drug is diclofenac and you'd better think things through carefully before taking it. Another popular drug, "ibuprofen", so popular in fact that my spell checker actually thinks it's a word, increases your risk of fatal and nonfatal stroke by 29%.Both the above figures by the way are in healthy individuals, and therefore, I could never recommend the use of drugs unless it is an absolute emergency.

Whenever you have a symptom, that's not an emergency symptom, always seek a natural solution first. There are many non-medical interventions that are more effective, completely safe, and most importantly, leave you in a better state of health after you've done them. Yes that includes spinal procedures such as chiropractic but this is not the only natural intervention which has proved to be effective. Massage, acupuncture, walking, meditating, eat healthy and stroking a pet are examples of others.

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