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Finally! Straight talk about Sciatica

Posted: November 28, 2016
By: Dr. Ruminder Birk

Are you suffering from back pain or sciatica? Then it’s likely your biggest problem is pain. But there’s another major problem: bad information. To end sciatica misery you must have the right information. Pay close attention because I’m going to destroy sciatica myths and give you the facts.

     MYTH: Sciatica will just “go away” with some rest.

     FACT: If you are dealing with back pain, buttock pain or leg pain, then you must seek help from a sciatica professional immediately. Left untreated, sciatica can lead to permanent nerve damage - and lifelong pain.

     MYTH: Pain is the only problem associated with sciatica.

     FACT: In severe cases, sciatica can lead to the inability to control your bowels or bladder - leading to embarrassing situations.

     MYTH: You must take pain medications to deal with sciatica.

     FACT: Drugs like muscle relaxants, pain killers, narcotics, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medications have serious potential side-effects and do not cure the root cause of sciatica.

     MYTH: “I must have done something wrong to get sciatica.”

     FACT: Physical work or simply sitting at a desk for long periods can lead to sciatica. Accidents and trauma can also be the culprits. Pregnancy can cause sciatica. Sciatica can affect anyone - including super-fit celebrities like Tiger Woods, Sylvester Stallone, and British Olympic medallist Ian Wynne.

     MYTH: Stop exercising and get several weeks of bed rest to overcome sciatica.

     FACT: Staying active can help to relieve sciatic pain and prevent the pain getting worse. Staying inactive in bed could be the worst advice - based on a recent study in the Netherlands.

     MYTH: Sciatica requires surgery. 

     FACT: NO! There’s been a huge breakthrough in the treatment of sciatica and lower back pain. It’s a new procedure called Non-Surgical Re-Constructive Spinal Care. The excellent results from this treatment have been published in major medical journals. Success rates are up to 90%.

     MYTH: “There’s nothing anyone can really do. I’m just stuck with this for the rest of my life.”

     FACT: With the correct treatment from a healthcare professional who specialises in sciatica, you can find relief from the core cause - and the symptoms.

     MYTH: Getting Sciatica properly diagnosed is expensive.

     FACT: Not true. Dr. Birk of Atlantis Chiropractic & Wellness in Woodbridge is currently offering reduced initial consultations to help people in our community get the care they need.

      Dr. Birk and his team of fully-trained spinal care professionals at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness in Woodbridge, have helped over 1,000 patients find relief from agonising back pain and sciatica. This procedure does not require a hospital stay. The focus is on finding - and correcting - the original cause of the back pain and sciatica. According to Dr. Birk, “We use a combination of ultra-advanced technology, for precisely diagnosing the cause of your low back pain and sciatica. This means superior long-term results for most people.”

Almost Immediate Relief from pain because the treatment is non-surgical, safe, and easy, most patients report an almost immediate relief from their back pain. Patient John B. from Woodbridge wrote, “My back pain was unbearable but the worst thing was the searing burning pain I felt in my buttock and leg... my wife insisted I see a Chiropractor. I’m 95% better in just a couple of weeks.”

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