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Whiplash injuries and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome there is a connection

Posted: February 26, 2015
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Are you on computer a lot? Or working with hands and fine motor movements constantly?  Then you know that one day you are fine and the next day you wake up with tingling in the fingers. We stretch our forearm, hands and go back to doing our activity. Unfortunately the tingling becomes worse over time and interferes with our ability to type or do any activity that requires constant wrist or finger movements. The tingling feeling is a result of the Carpal tunnel (CT) syndrome.

Like many medical conditions CT syndrome typically manifests slowly. Being fine one day and then suddenly experiencing disabling pain can be very distressing psychologically; often CT syndrome patients show signs of depression.

What are some of the causes that lead up to the CT syndrome condition? When the chiropractor is taking patient history to investigate previous trauma to the wrist bones, patients often fail to mention the accidental injuries that happened months or years ago. In case of an accident, where we tend to land on one wrist-this hand- bears the weight of the accident. This trauma to the hand presents as CT syndrome days or minutes after the initial injury. Thus, CT syndrome is different. One day we can carry on basic tasks such as typing and the next day we cannot complete our work at the keyboard.

The nerves that control your wrist and finger movements originate in the neck. From here they go across, first the shoulder, and then down the arm before entering a tunnel in your wrist. This tunnel is called the carpal tunnel. It is formed by the bones in the wrist. Thus, the nerve can get injured at any place along this entire path from neck to wrist. For instance, when you are playing sports or are involved in a car accident, your neck is susceptible to whiplash injuries when the head is whipped around. This jerking motion of the head causes trauma and injury to the neck. Delicate ligaments and discs of the neck can be injured and pinch in the nerves that originate in the neck.

When we sit at a computer most of us type with our neck in the forward bent position without us realizing it. This forward bent position stretches the nerves. If you happen to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time, the forward bent position can eventually stretch out the nerves resulting in pain, tingling and numbness. If you had prior whiplash injuries or sports neck injuries, sitting in the forward bent position can alone be enough to bring on the CT syndrome symptoms. Hence, because of this interdependency and how the nerve travels from your neck to the fingers, at Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, when the patients present with CT syndrome Dr. Birk examines more than just the wrist areas.  

There are nerves exiting your spinal cord at different points. When the nerves that control leg movement and muscles are injured, the symptoms present as leg pain or sciatica even though the cause resides in the lower spine. Likewise, CT symptoms can originate at the cervical spine. If you have tried wrist treatments with no success it is time to take a different approach. At Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Birk is a specialist in CT syndrome. Dr. Birk will do a thorough examination of the spine on your first visit-especially your neck- to understand the cause behind the symptoms. Dr. Birk will also ask you about your previous history and if you had any traumas to the spine as injuries experienced earlier in life can show symptoms even decades later. Hence, a through history is vital for a proper treatment plan for CT syndrome.

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