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Chiropractic care uses a comprehensive approach to diagnose headaches

Posted: November 5, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Chiropractic care uses a comprehensive approach to diagnose headaches

Doctors are aware that getting the diagnosis accurate is vital for determining the right treatment plan. Why so? It’s because with the right diagnosis, the treatment can be targeted towards that specific problem.

When patient’s approach a doctor with complaints regarding headaches, the doctor usually concludes that you have a pain in the head calling it headache. This labeling of symptoms as headaches deters patients from getting the right diagnosis. Often the doctors categorize the headaches as episodic, acute or chronic and the diagnosis is completed with this label. No further examination is done to understand the actual cause for those headaches.

Patients walk in with a headache and walk out the doctor’s office with a prescription for their head pain. This is the reality today. A prescription instead of a right diagnosis! Given the time constraints experienced by doctors, patient care has deteriorated. Patients do not receive the attention and time truly deserved from a doctor to get the diagnosis right. When was the last time you received a phone call from your doctor? In today’s internet age where information can be found with the click of a button many patients have resorted to self diagnosis!

When making the initial diagnosis the chiropractor also labels your headaches into categories, but they will not stop there. Clinical research and experience carried out over the years have shown that headaches are caused as a result of previous neck and spinal injury. Unlike the doctor, a chiropractor examines your neck and will ask for a history of previous injuries. Here they learn additional information that is helpful in getting the diagnosis right. A whiplash or neck trauma experienced months or years ago when left untreated can be cause for those headaches.

In chiropractic care we take a comprehensive approach to get the diagnosis right. We take the time to know your detailed history. Information such as location, quality and duration of pain along with a physical examination of your spinal column gets us closer to the cause. We also order imaging tests such as x-rays to see the position of your individual vertebrae in the neck.

Normal neck has a forward arch that keeps your head above the shoulders. Loss of the normal curve results in the patients head being thrusted forward, resulting in classic "bad posture" stance.

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