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The Cause behind Headaches

Posted: October 1, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Headaches...How your spine contributes to it?


Many of us have experienced headaches at some point in our lives and for some of us it’s a common occurrence. Yet, rarely do we stop to investigate the root cause behind these headaches. Jet lag could trigger headaches. On the other extreme, brain tumor can be the cause of these headaches as well.

Given that headaches can be triggered by both simple and complex reasons, getting the right diagnosis is important. Remember headaches are symptoms, and your body’s way of communicating there is a problem. They are not the actual problem. In TV commercials, drug companies portray headaches as the cause and offer pills for immediate relief. Taking these drugs is only a temporarily solution however. Once the effects of these drugs warn off, the headaches return. This cycle continues. Rarely do we question whether the headaches are caused by the lack of these drugs in our system or there is a different reason altogether. Hence, an investigation is necessary.

Unlike the TV commercials, in chiropractic, we see the persistent return of headaches differently. We see diagnosis as the first step in determining the cause behind these headaches. A better understanding of the cause allows for proper corrective action. Chiropractors focus on the integrity and movement of the spine, in particular the neck region. The buildup of spinal sprains and injuries has been shown in several studies to cause headaches. In randomized clinical trails, when these sprains and injuries were corrected with adjustments, the patients’ headaches’ disappeared. While the drugs taken for headaches cause side effects, the chiropractic adjustments are devoid of these side effects.

Every patient experiences headaches for different reasons. Thus, a thorough examination is required to determine whether a spinal problem is the cause behind these headaches.

If your headaches have been persistent for some time despite the consumption of drugs, it is time to take a different approach that is harmless. Treating headaches with adjustments takes time, and works through restoring the spinal posture. The result is improved spinal motion, and the headaches gradually disappear. Most patients see results in either one visit or over a short period of time.


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