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Fibromyalgia and a New Road

Posted: July 18, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

      He who suffers from fibromyalgia gets used to the pain over time. Being in constant pain for many years has a vital effect on the brain and nerve pathways that transmit how we feel. In layman's terms, we become immune to feeling pain. Pain becomes our new norm. It becomes common to get up and feel pain, even though we may have had a relaxing sleep. It becomes regular to go out for a leisurely walk and have it end in tiredness and pain. It becomes normal to do just about anything and always have the pain along for the trip, like an unwelcomed house guest. There are rarely times when we do not feel throbbing.

Drug medications can help but we build tolerances to them over time and unwanted side effects are always present. For numerous patients drugs can be a life saving treatment, making us able to function, living off these drugs.

Does this sound too familiar? Perhaps so, but I want you to know that you can take a new path in your life of hurt.

Foremost, you have to understand that the track you're on does not have to be an enduring existence, and I know that may be hard to believe. Just as pain has developed into a continuous companion, so can great heath and wellness. Just as how the nervous system has educated itself on your never-ending pain cycle, it can also learn to be pain free.

At our health center, we take a comprehensive approach to this problem. For various patients, receiving chiropractic care for the first time in their lives can be the missing factor. Nevertheless, most patients usually need more. Exercise will be vital. It may seem counterintuitive when you have muscle pain to exercise, but research has shown it does help. Diet will also play a role. We aim for a diet that is rich in foods that heal and that decrease the pain-inflammation cycle that is so common. Some of our patients have become overweight due to lack of exercise over many years and need professional guidance to get back to their ideal weight.

If you want to try a non-drug approach that accentuates nutrition exercise and chiropractic care, then we are here to help.
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