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Headache and Short Leg

Posted: June 4, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Headaches and a Short Leg

Are you experiencing headaches? If yes, this article will be very informative. Now as many of you know, I like to strongly make a point that the cause for many headaches is occasionally not in the head at all, sometimes they start off in the neck. This is due to delicate tissues between the vertebrae in the neck causing tension, or yanking on nerve structures, or even the spinal cord, leading to pain. In addition, the posture of the neck is vital. There is generally a forward curve of the neck, which maintains the head back over the shoulders. The head is in a more of a forward position with a slouched posture. The body responds to this position by contracting the muscles at the back of the neck and shoulders. This continuous pull of the muscles can cause pain at the base of the skull and resulting in headaches.

However, spinal problems away from the neck can as well cause shifts in posture that can aggravate a headache. Under chiropractic care, we take a full spine approach and consider that even movements in posture at the hips can have profound effects above. This is the reason why we carefully check your entire spine, not only your neck.

An asymmetry of the leg lengths may be present in some patients. This can lead to a movement of the pelvis and tilting, which will then need to be compensated from above. This can take place at the upper neck, since the body will generally try to keep your head on straight and your eyes level.

If the compensation happens at the upper vertebrae, adjusting them into position will not grasp, the body will continuously try to keep the eyes level. At times, the base for these vertebrae is required to be leveled. A vertebra tilt corrected in the lower spine may be necessary for some patients. For patients with a short leg, a heel lift in the shoe is enough to give the added stability to the spine.

It is significant to identify the cause of the dysfunction, not just the effects wherever you are experiencing the pain. Headaches generally more than many other types of pain, can have their cause far removed from the painful area. Even though headaches can hardly ever be a sign of a serious problem, such as diabetes, more often the spine is a cause that is too frequently disregarded.

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