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Alternative to Back Surgery

Posted: May 7, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

There was a recent study deriving from Great Britain which contains results that’ll make you doubt whether back surgery is always essential. This case involved following one hundred and two patients while they waited to see a spinal surgeon. The patients had disk herniations confirmed by MRI and had sciatic/leg pain. They have also experimented with taking medications for 4 weeks which had no impact.

While they waited to see the spinal surgeon, they were referred for manipulations offered by practiced chiropractors. The adjustments were given at five days per week.

A few patients had some passing increase in pain with a total of three treatment failures. Overall the results were very pleasing with patients which led them to reconsider staying on the surgeon’s patient list.

But how is this possible? The disks are the hard cartilage untying each vertebra in your lower back. When this muscle sprains it can knot onto a close by nerve, causing back pain or pain down your leg. Specific adjustments use the bones as levers to shape the alignment of these vertebrae and the movement of the joints in the lumbar spine. When the alignment is enhanced, there is then better posture and distribution of loads. When the mobility is more balanced, this also aids to put off unequal loading of the soft tissues. Serving these mechanical aspects to nurse back to health can be enough to reduce your pain and assist you in regaining your quality of life. In a number of cases, it can even keep you from a potentially needless back operation.

Based on the results of the study, anyone without need of emergency surgery should try chiropractic care before having an elective operation for a disk or leg pain disorder. Most patients do not fit into the emergency-surgery category which includes symptoms such as bowel and bladder dysfunction.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your complex back problem, or you want a second opinion before trying surgery, just call Atlantis Chiropractic available at 905-264-9355 to make an appointment so that you and the doctor can discuss your individual health concerns.


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