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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted: April 25, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Majority of patients who are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome will tolerate with the symptoms involved for a period of time until their condition becomes so troubling they need to visit the doctor. The physician must point out particular grounds for the hand pain, such as diabetes and focus the assessment on the wrist but not limiting to only the wrist. For instance, the nerves to the hand start off in the neck region, crossing the shoulders and elbows, and entering the wrist tunnel prior to exiting into the hand. The nerve can be wounded anyplace beside these areas and create symptoms that imitate carpal tunnel syndrome.

If irritation is present, applying cool packs can assist in decreasing distension. If there is a sprain to a wrist joint, then regular chiropractic adjustments can aid in reducing pain. Every so often the hand symptoms are in fact coming from an aggravated nerve in the neck. This is known as the double-crush syndrome for the reason that the nerve is pinched both at the wrist and neck.

As soon as the joints in the neck twist and subluxate, the nerves that run between them can be condensed or irritated. Not much neck pain may be involved, but it lessens the role of the nerve. As the nerve reaches to the carpal tunnel, it is by now in a weakened form. Just a minor irritation at the wrist carpal tunnel can be sufficient to provide the tingling pains into the hand.

Adjusting the subluxations of the vertebrae in the neck could then aid to regularize the nerve function into both the arm and the hand. At times patients will come in experiencing both neck problems and wrist injury. In these difficult cases it is vital that treatment is individualized to meet the patient's requirements.

Cardiovascular exercise such as stretching and strengthening of the arm can be helpful in patients whose symptoms have subsided. These movements can be run by a chiropractor, who is qualified to use exercises to care for physical impairments. Occasionally contractures build up around the wrist and arm and these can be let out with stretches or deep massage.

Conventional techniques should constantly be tried first before invasive surgery. Even though thousands of surgeries are performed yearly, the majority of patients can resolve their pain with conservative procedures.


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