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What is Fibromyalgia and what can be done to help it?

Posted: April 1, 2014
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

                                Fibromyalgia is a very complex medical disorder affecting different parts of the body involving explicit and comprehensive treatments. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the many diseases that are overlapped by Fibromyalgia sharing many similar characteristics. Generally, because of the amount of fatigue and pain the patient is encountering, he/she may be impaired in their ability to work.

         Literally, the term Fibromyalgia means painful muscles and tendons, and patients will claim there are hurting areas all over their body. These areas generally include but are not limited to, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and painful knees. Every patient will not undergo identical hurting areas however all patients will suffer from many painful spots.

         In results to this widespread pain, it is assumed that there is a main cause in many patients which may include hormone or brain regulation. A stress hormone known as Cortisol, can be prominent in many patients.

         Countless of patients also show problems at peripheral areas, an example being the spine. In addition, they may also have had a history of damages to these areas which may have lead to sprains and strains. When patients had these problems occur, they may not be able to function as before resulting in the inability to work or engage in physical activities. This then results in the development of a downward spiral because the movement it requires is the movement that most fibromyalgia patients lack. When one does not meet the expected amount of exercise required for the day, spinal pain can grow to be more severe. Therefore, extended bed rest essentially increases low back pain.

         By receiving chiropractic care for the painful disorders of the spine and other joints gives the opportunity to the patient to then re-engage in activities. There are particular exercises that can then be given to counter muscle weaknesses and injured parts.

         A balanced diet can be vital in achieving overall well being and healing, it needs to be addressed in any comprehensive fibromyalgia treatment program. Nutrient deficiencies need to be countered or the result is obesity and poor well being and health. Particular foods can in fact promote more inflammation, which generally means more pain. There are dietary approaches that can decrease the promotion of inflammation. Eating excessive calories and too little exercise means more weight gain and stress on our joints, which usually causes more pain.

         Patients also need to take into consideration about mental and emotional factors such as depression, which can compound the physical problems. Chronic pain will change moods and their motivation to work or exercise over time. An optimistic mental attitude is vital to adhering to a comprehensive treatment program. We require the patient to be an active participant in their recovery.

         A few approaches to decreasing some fibromyalgia symptoms include a balanced diet, exercise, spinal health, and other physical and psychological factor. However for maximum results because the symptoms are widespread, a comprehensive treatment program will be the most trusted and successful approach.



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