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The connection between Carpal Tunnel and the Neck

Posted: June 22, 2013
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Carpal Tunnel and The Neck

The wrist brace seems like the only solace for people when it comes to Carpal Tunnel.  But many are still in considerable pain regardless because the wrist brace does not solve any problems but just provides the extra support for the moment.  That's because simply limiting motion, while good in theory, could make the muscles of the wrist weaker. Also, most of the time, wrist problems aren't always just a problem in the wrist. If the wrist and hand pain is actually coming from a pinched nerve in the neck, then the wrist brace will do little to help.

Therefore, the important thing is to get the problem checked out because it could be a small bone of the wrist out of its normal position, or  the mobility of the wrist may be asymmetrical and uneven. Sometimes there is a double-crush problem, with a pinched nerve not just in the carpal tunnel, but also where the nerves exit the neck area.

Our clinic does our best to help the pain of carpal tunnel. A comprehensive approach is needed and we usually adjust the bones of your neck and wrist to help restore proper alignment. If the vertebrae are twisted in the neck, they can narrow the openings where the delicate nerves emerge and travel down the arm to the hand. Most of the time, the posture of the neck is affected and the neck does not have the normal forward curve which can cause a stretch to the spinal cord and the nerve roots.

Therefore, in the end we try to make sure we limit or eliminate completely the usage of braces and instead focus our attention on strenghening of the muscles of the forearm.  It is also a good idea to have a deep tiussue massage and stretching to increase muscle flexibility. massage and stretching to increase muscle flexibility.

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