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Is there a Magic Bullet for Carpal Tunnel?

Posted: September 12, 2012
By: Dr Ruminder Birk

Carpal tunnel symptoms are so severe that patients become desperate in searching for a cure.  Patients with chronic disease often look for that one answer, that one magic solution: the magic bullet that they hope to rid them of all their problems.

To find relief of pain from carpal tunnel one may have looked for the perfect splint, the ultimate exercise, the magic vitamin, or the best surgeon.  As symptoms worsen and affect our daily activities, the urgency to find the magic bullet to solve this problem becomes greater and greater.

There's no shortage of promises and potions to deliver the magic bullet but perhaps you could look at this problem in another way? There have been many things you've found difficult to face and take care of, things that may prevent problems if you faithfully adhere to them. There are many pieces to the carpal tunnel puzzle and one can think of the hand pain as the straw that broke the camel's back.

Those with vitamin deficiencies DO get more nerve symptoms and taking B6 can help some people.  B6 is part of the B-complex we should be getting in our diets.  Regardless of our symptoms, you should be eating right.  Most of us will benefit form correcting out lack of vitamin intake by taking vitamin supplements.

Or maybe we are overweight. Whether or not our hands hurt, we need to maintain an ideal weight.  Or perhaps we have neck issues we are not addressing. Sometimes neck problems cause hand pain. You should get your neck fixed, whether or not the neck is causing your hand to hurt, so that movements are free and symmetrical.

Lastly, exercise and stretching should be party of everyone's daily routine, not just those with hand symptoms.

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